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I should either create some logic myself to port the settings I want to the new config file, or dump the Application settings and use a custom settings file, probably saved in etc.The first time an executable runs, a user.config is created in a default location which follows the scheme I described in my previous post. That's the same way Click Once did it, but it didn't save the config files in App Data but in Click Once Data Directory, following a similar scheme, but it didn't create a and writing it in the correct (newly created) folder when the updated runs.IOW it refreshes the assembly redirects to the actually installed packages of each project. This is something I run into quite frequently and this simple command fixes the problem easily!If you want this to work for an individual project just remove the flag.Here’s a little Nu Get gem that I didn’t know and just found out about today: You can get Nu Get to explicitly re-write your reassembly redirects in your .config files based on the installed Nu Get Packages in the project.You can use the following command from the Package Manager console: This recreates all those assembly redirects that are defined in your web.config or app.config file for a solution and updates them to match the versions from the various packages that are installed in each project.

Upgrade() if Squirrel placed the latest version of the app inside the same subfolder every time.

You want to restore them at the very beginning of your program, like just after Squirrel's event handler registration.

Don't try doing a restore from the on App Update it won't work.

It is provided as a courtesy for individuals who are still using these technologies.

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This works for Web Forms and Windows Forms applications, though it will still automatically trigger the application to restart for Web Forms applications.