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It’s sort of my way of saying, “Yes, that went well, you have permission to ask me out again, unless I ask you out first.” I don’t just do it with dates, I do it with friends, too: it just seems natural, after I’ve had an amazing time with someone, to let them know, and say thank you.

If I don’t send a thank you text after a first date (or don’t reply to one I receive), it’s my way of (gently) blowing someone off.

And on occasion, that price is too great for you to be willing to pay it, no matter how you may feel about somebody. And everyone has them.◊♦◊If you’ve spent some time in online dating, you’ll have run across people who spell out exactly what they will and won’t accept in a date.

If their dealbreakers exclude know you’re an awesome person.

I’m going to take the quiz again, order different foods and see what happens.

Or maybe sleeping, because by the time you’re in your late 20s or early 30s, meeting strangers at on a weeknight feels ambitious.

“Let’s meet in the middle,” he says (-35, there is no “middle” in this city, which means he’ll pick somewhere close to his house).

It seems silly to me that something as innocuous as a polite text message (the 2012 equivalent of a Thank You note? I’m pretty sure that if a guy had a nice time with me, he’d be happy to hear that I had a nice time, too, and if he like me, a text isn’t going to make things significantly worse.

On my end, I love hearing from guys at the end of a great date – these are the texts that I save in my inbox and read over and over again throughout the week. ) But if a follow-up text isn’t standard, should I refrain from sending one after my next date?

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If you’re not going to ironically type “lawl,” then “lol” is just right. Additional -10 for being so transparent about wanting to keep his weekend free.

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